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Mission & Vision

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Customer-centered in all we do in order to consistently
deliver the best service experience to our supported units.
Provide medical supplies, medical equipment maintenance, and optical lens fabrication service to units and organizations in support of Unified Land Operations in the Korean Theater; serve as the Theater Lead Agent for Medical Materiel (TLAMM) for US Forces Korea; and on order, support 8th Army's Single Integrated Medical Logistics Manager (SIMLM) mission.


An organization or unit designated by the Chairman Joint Chief of Staff (CJCS) to support Combatant Command (COCOM):

Functional responsibility, designated by CJCS to an organization or unit

Executes theater-level Class VIII support on behalf of the DoD Executive Agent (aka, Defense Logistics Agency)

TLAMM designation conveys use of DLA stock fund (DWCF)

Provides assistance to COCOM/SCC Class VIII supply chain planning


A mission assigned by a COCOM to a Service Component Command (SCC) or Joint Task Force (JTF) to support other services:

Command responsibility, designated by COCOM to a SCC or JTF

Develops the HSS plan and requests the forces necessary to execute

Scope includes all medical logistics functions specified by the CCDR (e.g., supply, maintenance, optical, blood)

Incorporates designated TLAMM into concept of 0perations

May provide command & control of operational MEDLOG units in theater

May have theater asset visibility