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TEWLS (Theater Enterprise-Wide Logistics System)

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What is TEWLS and why do we need it?

TEWLS stands for Theater Enterprise-Wide Logistics System and replaced TAMMIS at USAMMC-K on 15 March 2010. TEWLS is based on SAP software, and integrates multiple business processes, i.e. Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Kitting, Financial Management, etc., across the Enterprise or organized business activities into a single Master Database.


What is the background on TEWLS?

Several years ago, the AMEDD decided to build and implement a new system instead of spending millions of dollars to upgrade the TAMMIS system. The software selected to replace TAMMIS was SAP. TEWLS is the Army’s initiative to migrate the capability for theater level Class VIII Supply Chain Management (SCM) from the Theater Army Medical Management Information System (TAMMIS)-Medical Supply (MEDSUP) into a SAP-based, enterprise architecture. TEWLS will have a joint medical information architecture that enables enterprise-wide medical interoperability within the U.S. Military Healthcare System in support of both peace time and operational environments.


Why replace TAMMIS?

TAMMIS was developed in 1985 and has become complex, obsolete, and lost its effectiveness to adequately support our business processes. It also does not meet Department of Defense (DOD) security standards for software running on a DOD network.


How and when will I get TEWLS User Training?

For more information on TEWLS call 765-4382.