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Medical Chemical Defense Materiel (MCDM)

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The Project Code Manager manages all contingency stock stored at the USAMMC-K warehouse. The MCDM, DH1 project, is United States Army Medical Materiel Agency (USAMMA) owned contingency stock that is centrally managed at the USAMMC-K Warehouse by the Project Code Manager. This initial issue of DH1 MCDM stock is issued to U.S. Soldiers, KATUSAs, KSCs, Mission Essential Civilians and Emergency Essential Civilians in the Korean Theatre of Operation (KTO). USAMMC-K is the only authorized turn-in location on the Korean Peninsula.


MCDM Turn-in & issue procedures
MCDM Turn-in & issue information


Position: Project code Manager
DSN: (315) 765-4909 / 8579