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Mission Statement

Responsible for developing, executing and integrating security management programs in the areas of Personnel, Physical, Force Protection (Combating Terrorism), Communications, and Crime Prevention.


Implements procedures to safeguard or protect Staff, Visitors, property, facilities, resources and information; to prevent or delay unauthorized access to equipment, facilities, material, and documents; to protect restricted areas; and to ensure protection of items such as expensive and sensitive medical equipment or materiel: ensure proper handling and storage of pharmaceuticals, narcotics and medical equipment; and to safeguard these items from sabotage, damage, misuse, theft, or subject to malicious mischief or other acts of willful interference through the implementation of effective an Security Management Program. Employs effective physical security measures which include physical systems and devices (lights, physical barriers, electronic entry control systems, access control devices, key control, security containers, locking devices, security lighting, surveillance systems, etc.), personnel, security procedures and policies and training the staff to protect organization assets. Serves as the Primary Key/Lock control officer for all unit facilities and conducts quarterly key control inspections.


Serves as the safety and Occupational Health Manager and develops goals and objectives, prepares safety policies, procedures, and guidelines, plans and develops safety training curriculum. Conducts quarterly safety surveys of USAMMC-K real property and coordinates repairs of shortcomings and reports them to the Commander and Deputy Commander. Additionally assigned as the USAMMC-K Environmental Officer and is committed to sustaining and protecting the environment by complying with environmental laws, regulations and policies.